Great Mother Conference

Nobleboro, Maine, United States

May 31 - Jun 8, 2014


TUITION / COST:Early Bird:$925 Late Bird:$975
There are limited funds this year for some scholarships, intended for new attendees to the conference.

CONTACT: Tracey Dillon
PHONE: 401.497.0310

Gather with us for the 40th annual Conference of the Great Mother and New Father, founded by Robert Bly.

… we continue the work of nourishing the soul & lifting the spirit.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Jalaluddin Rumi

The Great Mother and New Father Conference was begun in 1975 by Robert Bly, and at the time one of its major themes was the goddess or “Great Mother” as she has been known throughout human history. Much of Bly’s 1973 book of poems “Sleepers Joining Hands” is concerned with this theme, and was influenced by the thinking of C.G. Jung and his students Marie Louise Von-Franz and Erich Neumann (author of the comprehensive book The Great Mother). In the context of America’s war with Vietnam, a focus on the divine feminine was seen as urgent and necessary.

Since that time, the Conference has expanded to consider a wide variety of poetic, mythological, and fairy tale traditions. In the ’80s and ’90s there was much discussion among the conference community about the changes contemporary men were (and are) going through; “the New Father” was then added to the Conference title, in recognition of this and in order to keep the Conference as inclusive as possible.


Featured Writers Include:

Martin Shaw, Tony Hoagland, Mary Rueffle, Stephen Jenkinson, Gioa Timpanelli, Allison Luterman, Doug Von Koss, Miguel Rivera, Fran Quinn, Janet Fredericks, Reza Derakshani, Marcus Wise, Halima & Abraham Sussman




Camp Kieve
Maine, United States

Great Mother Conference

Over nine days we will gather by a lake in Maine and through poetry, discussion, storytelling, astrology, time spent outdoors, music, movement and private reflection we will continue the work of nourishing the soul and lifting the spirit. For forty years this conference has seen some of the most agile minds of poetry, mythology and the wider arts pass through its doors, creating a robust container for a thriving community of artists, thinkers, ecologists, children, and passing animals. We would love you to join us!

It has long been speculated that the gathering is secretly a longship of gypsy-souled troublemakers dreaming of Persia pretending to be a conference. We can neither confirm nor deny. What we do say is:

Bring your dancing shoes, a revolution of the heart is afoot!