Your Art Mark

New York, United States

Jan 24 - Apr 18, 2014


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For Quiet Creatives & Other Business Artists

Ready To Shape & Tell Their Signature Brand Story.

Your ArtMark™ is an artfully designed 3-month program that will help you shape and unfold at last the dynamic, coherent brand identity and story you’ve been yearning for but were too afraid to pursue.


Featured Writers Include:

Jeffrey Davis, Cathy Shap, Heidi Johnson, Tanya Robie


Poetry, Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Children's literature


New York, United States

Tracking Wonder

Tracking Wonder exists to help you master your own creative workflow, advance your enterprise, and create what’s next for you and the patch of the planet you’re making a better place. We chart a course for your project and equip you with the know-how, open mindset, and smart strategies to make what seems impossible possible. And we do so with experience grounded in the art & science of creativity.

Captivating creativity is both an art and a science. And so is tracking wonder.

But I’ll be frank.

Tracking wonder is not kid’s stuff.

And it’s not for everyone and all the time.

Tracking wonder is for those of us who are ready.

Who are ready to gain the skillful know-how to dive into the creative unknown. ?It’s where know-how meets not-knowing that real possibility and real creativity thrive.

Are you ready?

Let’s find out.

I’ll see you in the woods.