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Situated in the picturesque, historic town of Freiburg, Germany, near the borders of Switzerland and France. All courses are conducted in English.

Black Forest Writing Seminars take place for two weeks each summer at the University of Freiburg, in Freiburg, a lively, enchantingly beautiful city in southwest Germany, a city with unique international flavor. The program offers courses in the writing of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and literature, each class meeting two hours a day for ten days. Classes are capped at fifteen, offering intimate environments for learning and for much individual attention. The program includes a culminating reading by students and faculty, as well as a two-day writing retreat at a mountain chalet in the Black Forest, with optional side trips to the home of Faust in nearby Stauffen and to the Stephen Crane memorial in the spa town of Badenweiler.

Operated by Germany’s top-ranking English department, the program attracts students of all kinds and all ages, European as well as Australian, African, Asian, Canadian and American. It’s a unique, rich, vital matrix for learning writing, offering much in the way of history, culture and nature. Scholarships are available for applicants who apply early. Participants can also opt to take courses for credit, with approval in advance from their home universities.

Black Forest Writing students are typically lodged in single apartments (or single rooms in apartments) that the program secures, but may also make their own arrangements regarding housing. Given Freiburg’s unique geography — flanked as it is on three sides by woods — students often occupy themselves outside of class hiking or biking in the Black Forest, or swimming or boating in nearby lakes; they also read and write in cafes, of which in Freiburg there are many. Day trips in Switzerland and France are options as well, since both are quite close: less than an hour away in each case.

Black Forest Writing Seminars are on hiatus during 2014. To ensure a spot in the following summer's Black Forest classes and to guarantee accommodation, apply early. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis through June 10, 2015. Applicants will be contacted via email.


Featured Writers Include:

Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Sieglinde Lemke, Kirk Nesset, Deborah Reed, Tom Smith


Poetry, Fiction, Creative nonfiction


Englishes Seminar - Universität Freiburg
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Black Forest Writing Seminars