Pride Month Events and Resources

May 23, 2022

Join AWP in honoring Pride Month this June!

AWP has assembled a list of resources including in person and online events, interactive and informative websites, author interviews, and other diverse programming. Whether it be learning something new about the history of Pride Month, attending a reading by a LGBTQ+ author, or purchasing a book from our Pride Month Booklist, there are always actions that can be taken to support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

From The Writer’s Chronicle

Nonfiction/Nonbinary Literary Identities: An Investigation of Contemporary Writers Queering Gen(der/re) in America by Chachi Houser, April 2021

You Are Making Me Now: Writing God as a Contemporary American Poet by Joy Ladin, May/Summer 2017

GLBTQ Protagonists and the Mainstream Market by Krista Humphery, May/June 2017

The Lesbian Writer & the General Reader by Honor Moore, March/April 1990

Concerning Being Queer by Allan Gurganus, March/April 1990

An Interview with Jericho Brown by Jona Colson, November 2020


Rewatch Online Events

Virtual AWP Pedagogy: Supporting LGBTQ Students in the Creative Writing Classroom

#AWP22 Chosen Families: A Reading & Conversation Presented by Red Hen Press


On the AWP website

Interview with David Laidacker-Luna, President, Fiesta Youth by Ely Vance, February 2020

Queer Words: Reflections on Facilitating Writing Workshops with Homeless LGBTQ Youth by Sassafras Lowrey, June 2019

Writing While… by A. Poythress, June 2019

Reclaiming the Pansy by Bruce Owens Grimm, June 2019

Podcast Episode 123: How Gay Is This Book?: 21st Century Approaches to the LGBTQ Classroom


History and Further Learning Links

 “Milestones in the American Gay Rights Movement” a timeline article of American LGBTQ History from the mid-1900s to present day published by PBS.

"A Timeline of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in the United States" provided by GSAFE.

“Queer History,” an article written by Christina B. Hanhardt for the Organization of American Historians

Out in Rural America, a documentary by PBS featuring the highs and lows of living as an LGBTQ+ person in rural America.

“A Brief History of Queer Language Before Queer Identity,” by Jeanna Cadlec for Lit Hub.


For specific Literary Pride events, check out the AWP Pride Month Event list.

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