Feminism in Writing and Practice: Activism, Books, and Other Resources

May 6, 2022


AWP recognizes the transformative power of literature and strives to be an ally in making the world a more equitable and compassionate place. We have compiled a list of literary organizations you can donate to that support and help women and gender-nonconforming people express their voices through the arts along with a reading list of feminist literature.


AWWP or the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, works to support the voices of women with the belief that to tell one’s story is a human right.

Torch Literary Arts established to publish and promote creative writing by Black women to and provide resources and opportunities for the advancement of Black women through literary arts.

WriteGirl is a Los Angeles-based creative writing and mentoring organization that spotlights the power of a girl and her pen.  

Free Women Writers works to improve the lives of Afghan women through advocacy, storytelling, and education.

Women for Women International is an organization dedicated to giving aid to marginalized women throughout several different counties. This organization provides programs that help develop women’s skillsets and abilities, and also provides a support network for women who are victims of violence.

Pride and Less Prejudice provides LGBTQ-inclusive books to Pre-K through 3rd grade classrooms to help students and teachers “Read out loud, read out proud!”

Lambda Literary nurtures and advocates for LGBTQ writers, elevating the impact of. Their words to create community, preserve legacies, and affirm the value of stories in the authors lives.


Equality Now “campaign(s) for legal and systemic change to address violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.”

The Global Fund for Women “envisions a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all.”

The Ms. Foundation for Women strives “…to build women’s collective power in the U.S. to advance equity and justice for all. We achieve our mission by investing in, and strengthening, the capacity of women-led movements to advance meaningful social, cultural and economic change in the lives of women.”

Womankind Worldwide unites to end violence against women and girls, advance women’s economic rights, and strengthen women’s participation and leadership.

Reading List

AWP’s staff has researched and curated a reading list available on bookshop.org. Please read through and consider adding one of these titles to your own personal library.

An Ending Note

AWP values our members, the issues that impact them, and the importance of advocacy and community support. As a 501c3 arts organization, we are unable to state opinions regarding political topics or matters. However, by providing resources for those interested, we can still show direct support with our community in mind. The intention in providing resources is to share opportunities for involvement within and around the writing community that impact the diverse membership of AWP.

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