National Arab American Heritage Month

April 11, 2022

AWP is honoring National Arab American Heritage Month and invites you to do so as well! While we recognize this is for the month of April, the celebration of Arab Heritage should not be limited to one month but should last year-round. AWP pulled together some of the following resources in honor of Arab American Heritage Month, and don't forget to check out the AWP suggested reading list on

From the archives of the The Writer’s Chronicle

“Nothing Will Stop Me from Writing What I See” an interview with Sahar Khalifeh By Philip Metres, September 2020 TWC

The Art of Losing (and Other Visions of Revision) by Philip Metres, March/April 2019


Check out informative videos from last year’s RAWIFest, a weekend celebration uplifting Southwest Asian and North African literature, poetry, and oral traditions. Highlighted videos include prose and poetry readings by authors such as Aiya Sakr and Pricsilla Wathington.

Now released!

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