Security at #AWP20 in San Antonio

September 18, 2019

AWP takes the safety of all conference attendees very seriously, and we thank those who have written to us regarding security at #AWP20 in San Antonio, Texas. The conference staff visited San Antonio ahead of new gun legislation earlier this month and had very comprehensive discussions with the head of security at the Henry B. González Convention Center about safety at our meeting and how the gun culture in Texas has an impact on the planning.

Every year, we develop a security plan for the Conference & Bookfair that includes coverage at the local, state, and federal levels. We are working closely with the venue’s security team, run by the City of San Antonio’s off-duty police employment unit, to determine best practices for visible and invisible coverage at the convention center.

AWP is exercising our right to create a weapons-free zone at the Henry B. González Convention Center. This includes posting legally binding signs to prohibit all concealed-carry and openly carried weapons from our licensed space. The legally binding signs will be posted in both English and Spanish stating no one may enter the property with a concealed or openly carried weapon. As part of our gun culture discussion, we were assured that people carrying weapons legally will comply. We also covered details of the venue's comprehensive security protocols. From this meeting, we gathered valuable information about the security of the building and the emergency protocols that are in place. If you would like more information about the Henry B. González Convention Center’s emergency action plan, please email

The Annual Conference & Bookfair is a place for literary joy and community. The safety of our attendees is a priority. While no one can guarantee absolute safety, we can guarantee we will do our part to provide a safe conference. We hope you will come to San Antonio and enjoy the panels, the Bookfair, the River Walk, and all the city has to offer!

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