Artist Raises Funds to Distribute Comic Books to Children's Wards

January 6, 2016

Comics for Hospitals: issues of Moose Kid Comics

A crowdfunding campaign to give comic books to children at fifty hospitals across the UK has more than doubled its target.

The comic artist behind Moose Kid Comics, Jamie Smart, organized the campaign, aiming to raise £2,000 to cover the expenses of printing and distributing The Moose Kid Anthology to hospitals; in the end, supporters contributed more than £5,350 before the deadline, which will allow the press to publish multiple issues throughout 2016.

Smart told the Guardian, “Now, thanks to our generous funders, we can reach even more children with comics, and keep them amused while they’re going through a rough time.”

Moose Kid Comics is working in partnership with Readathon, a charity that provides books for children’s wards, to organize the anthology’s production and distribution.

“Throughout the year, Readathon provides brand new books and storyteller visits to brighten up the days of children in hospitals across the UK,” the charity told the Guardian. “Even children unable to leave their beds can choose books from Readathon’s specially designed mobile bookcase, and, because they are brand new, the books are safe for those at high risk of infection.”

Take a look at Moose Kids Comics’ electronic issues.

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Photo Credit: Jamie Smart

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