New AWP Policies Regarding Accessibility

October 12, 2015

For Conference Events Produced by AWP

Through AWP’s continued efforts to improve accessibility services at the conference, past attendees let us know that other attendees and presenters have interfered with their accessibility needs. To help prevent this egregious behavior and provide the best experience for all conference attendees, we have amended the Attendee Terms & Conditions to allow AWP staff to remove from the conference any attendee or presenter who “impedes or prevents accessibility services or requests” without a registration refund.  

AWP is committed to making all reasonable arrangements that will allow attendees to participate in conference events, and both the Los Angeles Convention Center and the J.W. Marriott Los Angeles Hotel where the conference will be held are fully ADA compliant. For more information on accessibility services, equipment, accommodations, or making requests for the Los Angeles conference, please visit the Accessibility Services page on our website. If you require assistance onsite at the conference in Los Angeles, please visit the Accessibility Services kiosk located in the registration area of the bookfair.


For Offsite Events Not Produced by AWP

For the 2016 conference in Los Angeles, and for all future conferences, AWP will accept postings for the offsite events schedule only if the organizer of the event verifies to AWP that the venue where the event is held is accessible according to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). AWP, however, does not produce, moderate, or curate any of the offsite events, and AWP is not responsible for their quality or accessibility services. AWP only lists the offsite events as a courtesy to the literary field. Nonetheless, AWP urges all producers of offsite events to utilize only those venues that are fully ADA compliant so anyone passionate about literature may attend regardless of his or her accessibility needs.

Postings for the Offsite Event Schedule will be accepted shortly after the AWP Conference Schedule is announced later this month.

If you have accessibility requirements and you wish to attend one of the many offsite events that are not produced by AWP, please contact the organizer of the offsite event directly.

If you have any questions about these changes, or about accessibility services at the conference, please contact Hannah Landsberger, AWP Events Coordinator, at

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