A Harry Potter-Themed Bar Opens in Toronto

September 15, 2015

Interior of The Lockhart bar

The Lockhart, a Harry Potter-themed bar stocked with J.K. Rowling books, opened in Toronto last week: a perfect location for Muggles to unwind.

The décor and food reflect the worlds created by Rowling, Matt Rocks, co-owner of the Lockhart, told the Guardian. “We took ideas from the books and kind of added them to the décor, along with other things that we liked. But there are definitely some things in there for Harry Potter fans like myself.”

Indeed, drinks included on the menu include “potions” like “Befuddlement Brew,” “Ludo’s Debt,” and “Shacklebolt,” and their tapas menu includes baked brie, deep-fried jalapeno mac and cheese sliders, and gourmet popcorn, among others.

The bar is seeing quite a bit of business since it opened; Rocks told the Guardian that the business “blew up,” with locals and Potter fans alike flooding the business.

Rocks and co-owner Pouria Fakhraei intend to host Potter-themed events in the future, including monthly Potter trivia nights and a Halloween party, for which Rocks is “definitely dressing up as one of the characters.”

The bar won’t be serving Butterbeer, though; Rocks said he wouldn’t “want to step on JK’s toes.”

“I’m also, like, her biggest fan. I wouldn’t want to upset her.”

Flavorwire also has thoughts about the bar.


Photo credit: The Lockhart

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