Lost and Little-Seen T.S. Eliot Prose to be Published

July 24, 2014

Ronald Schuchard, an English professor at Emory University, is compiling a new collection of T.S. Eliot’s prose, to be co-published by Johns Hopkins University Press and Faber and Faber, and released on a volume-by-volume basis.

Schuchard, an Eliot scholar and series editor for the eight-volume The Complete Prose of T.S. Eliot, said that since Eliot’s death in 1965, about ninety-percent of his prose has remained out of print, both hidden away at Faber and Faber, and partially with Eliot’s second, surviving wife, Valerie Eliot. This started to change when, in 2006, the Johns Hopkins Univ. Press received $750,000 from the Hodson Trust to support the research, editing, and archiving of Eliot’s missing writings, with Schuchard providing editorial direction.

Since his involvement, Schuchard has uncovered writings that illuminate Eliot and his continued impact on both the literary community and larger American public. “It’s been a great detective process of going out into the world and retrieving these fugitive essays,” he recently said to the Johns Hopkins Gazette. “As these volumes start coming out, the reading and scholarly public in many fields are going to discover essays on topics that he wrote not only on literature, poetry, and criticism, but on religion, humanism, culture, economics, world politics, education—on a spectrum of topics that show how fully engaged he was in the world. It’s eventually going to be one of the most complete literary archives ever assembled.”

The first volume, Apprentice Years, 1905-1918 (co-edited with Jewel Spears Brooker), has already been published, and The Perfect Critic, 1919-1926 (co-edited with Anthony Cuda) will be published this month. Schuchard has reached out to other scholars to serve as co-editors on individual volumes, and each year through 2017 two volumes will be available through the Press’ Project MUSE.

More info on the T.S. Eliot Editorial Project can be found at http://www.ies.sas.ac.uk/research/current-projects/t-s-eliot-editorial-project.

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