Twenty Poems by Pablo Neruda Discovered in Chile

June 20, 2014

Pablo NerudaIn what his Spanish publisher, Seix Barral, called “a literary event of universal importance… the biggest find in Spanish literature in recent years,” a group of over twenty poems by the late Chilean Nobel Laureate, Pablo Neruda, were recently discovered among boxes of the author’s papers. Neruda biographer Adam Feinstein has called the work “remarkable [and] full of Neruda’s richly imaginative use of language and imagery.”

A pair of lines from one of the newly discovered poems appeared in translation at the Guardian: “Rest your pure hip and the bow of wet arrows / Extend into the night the petals which make up your form.”

The poems will see publication in Latin America later this year, and in Spain in 2015. News of an English translation and publication has not yet been announced. Neruda, hailed by the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez as “the greatest poet of the 20th century in any language,” won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1971 and died in 1973, officially of prostate cancer. However, it is currently being investigated as to whether or not he was also poisoned.


Source: The Guardian

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