Helsinki Library to Include Sauna

March 13, 2014

Helsinki’s new central library will not only feature a movie theatre and restaurant, but there will be a sauna as well. The potential inclusion of a sauna was at one point threatened when initial estimates revealed that the number of visitors projected were higher than expected, raising concerns regarding logistical issues such as providing clean towels and long wait times. The city’s culture committee, however, stepped in and salvaged the plan for the library’s sauna.

“We want to see this as an educational sauna, and a way of promoting Finnish culture,” said Johanna Sydanmea, member of the National Coalition party chairing the committee. “The idea is to link literature and the sauna. The visibility of the central library will offer a unique opportunity to display Finnish sauna culture.” Helsinki’s central library is set to open in 2017, in commemoration of a century of Finnish independence. It will be located by Töölö bay.


Sources: Melville House , Uutiset

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