February 1985

Looking for Work

Mari Lonano
Ever since we have been putting pen to paper, there has existed a conflict between the love of the art and the need for financial survival.

Whole Sight: Notes on New Black Fiction

Charles Johnson
During the last decade, black writing has moved forward on two clear fronts, the commercial, and in respect to content, by which I mean this: a wider audience has opened for a few black writers, and the seldom-discussed ' experience of black women has, like the experience of women in general, been thematized in literature, thereby bringing to light a level of social discrimination the nation needs to deal with.


The MFA and the Job Market

Gale Arnoux
(The following talk was delivered at the Tenth Anniversary of Wichita State University's MFA program.)

The MFA and the PhD: Where Do We Go From Here?

Francois Camoin
I think that the AWP forgot something: poetry and fiction writing should be taught by people who spend a major part of their waking lives writing poetry and fiction.