Oakland , US

CONTACT: Belinda Kremer
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Workshop or Critique Group, Readings and open mics

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Looking to form a new group of up to 10 Boricua poets, connected through our Puerto Rican heritage, with no assumptions about our subject matter, forms, aesthetics, poetics, and languages. I myself (to my chagrin) do not speak Spanish; I feel, though, that we can easily have a group that works in Spanish, English, Spanglish (perhaps you work in other languages, as well). My initial thoughts are: Meet twice monthly, via Zoom; decide as a group on the mix of workshop/critique, and “just readings,” with each other as an audience, we might prefer. If we get a group, I’ll poll us on meetup times—looking towards a weekday evening convenient to as many time zones as possible. If a writer’s group is, to you, as much about offering audience and writerly company to each other as it is about sharing your own work, then we may be like-minded. Please get in touch with me, Belinda Kremer, at, and share a sample of three poems, if you’re interested. I’m a published poet— lit mags and one full-length book, DECOHERENCE, who also edits for a lit mag, and holds an MFA in Poetry. Not looking for specific credentials or experience, but looking for poets whose poems are dynamic, powerful, meaning-making experiences. Also looking to share the organizer/convened role, so please let me know if that appeals to you.