Dr. Joanna White

Michigan, United States

Member Since: 11/24/2014

Joanna White, DMA, Professor of Music at Central Michigan University, is a flutist and recording artist. As a poet, she has a recent MA in English, and has over one hundred works in literary and medical humanities journals, including in the Poetry and Medicine column of the Journal of the American Medical Association. As a musician, she can be heard on White Pine Music and Centaur Records, including Poet as Muse, a compact disc of music based on poetry. Her poetry collections have reached contest finals multiple times and her first book, Drumskin and Bones, is due out from Salmon Poetry in March of 2021.

Website: joannawhitepoet.com and joannawhiteflute.com

Twitter Username: @JoannaWhite8


  • Professor of Music at Central Michigan University (August 1987 - )
  • Principal Flutist at Saginaw Bay and Midland Symphony Orchestras


  • Doctoral Degree in Music from University of Michigan (December 1987)
  • Master of Arts in MM in Music from Northwestern University (June 1984)
  • Bachelor of Arts in BM in Music from University of Southern California (June 1983)
  • Master of Arts in English Language and Literature, Creative Writing Emphasis from Central Michigan University (December 2016)

Genres of Interest

Creative nonfiction, Poetry