Nafissa Thompson-Spires

Illinois, United States

Member Since: 08/22/2012

Twitter Username: @@TisforThompson


  • Heads of the Colored People , Atria/ 37 Ink (US), Chatto and Windus (UK)
  • "Belles-Lettres" , Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly
  • "Fatima the Biloquist: A Transformation Story" , Lunch Ticket (June 2016)
  • "Heads of the Colored People: Four Fancy Sketches, Two Chalk Outlines, and No Apology" , Story Quarterly (January 2016)
  • "This Todd" , Blinders Literary Journal
  • "Food-Related Flashes" , The Feminist Wire
  • "The Body's Defenses Against Itself" , Compose
  • "Whisper to a Scream" , East Bay Review


  • Winner, Story Quarterly Annual Fiction Prize, judged by Mat Johnson (2015)
  • Winner, Josephine Brezee Memorial Award in Short Fiction (2014)
  • Honorable Mention, Josephine Brezee Memorial Award in Short Fiction (2013)


  • Doctoral Degree in English from Vanderbilt University
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Genres of Interest

Fiction, Screenwriting, Children's literature