Ms. Nancer Ballard

Massachusetts, United States

Nancer Ballard is a fiction and nonfiction writer, poet, lawyer, book artist, and a Resident Scholar at  Brandeis University’s Women’s Studies Research Center where she focuses on creative nonfiction its craft.  She is the author of Dead Reckoning, and a co-author if a supplemental children’s textbook series that teaches mathematics through multicultural based story telling.  Her recent work can be found  in Thema Literary Journal, Frost Writing, and numerous anthologies including Unlocking the Poem; Far Edges  of the Fourth Genre, and  Affective Disorder and the Writing Life: The Melancholic Muse. 

She is currently working on a memoir incorporating history, psychology, and neurobiology entitled The Odd Direction of Heaven and on an interconnected series of essays about the Greek and Boston Marathons and the people who run them.




Twitter Username: @NBLARD


  • "Bald in Back with Three Heads; An exploration of Time in Narrative Nonfiction," in The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre; An Anthology of Explorations in Creative Nonfiction, ed. Sean Prentiss and Joe Wilkins. , Michgan State University Press (2014)
  • "muse Afire: Negotiating the Line Between Creative Pursuit and Mental Illness," Affective Disorder and the Writing LIfe: The Melancholic Muse. Ed. Stephanie Horton , Palgrave McMillan (2014)
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  • The Swath, Unlocking the Poem ed. Ottone M. Riccio and Ellen Beth Siegel , iUniverse (2008)
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  • Birthday at Rocky Woods and Blue Moon Cafe in Do Not GIve Me THings Unbroken: An Anthology of Conemptorary Poetry, ed. Laura Hechtman Ayers , San Jose: Writers Club Press (2002)


  • Research Funds Award, Brandeis University(2015)
  • Judge's Merit of Distinction for "Muscle Memory" Aritst Book in Beyond the Book Art Exhibit at Boston PUblic Libraries(2013)
  • Librarian's Choice Award for "Remains of the Day 2" Artist book in Beyond the Book Artist's Book Exhibition(2013)
  • Tavris Fund Award, Women's Studies Research Benter at Brandeis University(2010)


  • Resident Scholar, Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis University (1998 - 2014)
  • Visiting Scholar at Wellesley College, Wellesley Centers for Women (1996 - 1998)
  • Instructor at Ithaca College (1975 - 1976)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Ithaca College (May 1975)
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Litearature from Bennnington College Writing Seminars (January 2007)
  • Doctoral Degree in Law from Northeastern University School of Law (May 1984)
  • Master of Arts in Counseling from GoGoddard Graduate School of Social Change (January 1977)

Genres of Interest

Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Playwriting, Children's literature , Poetry