Ms. Sarah Blackman

South Carolina, United States

Member Since: 03/07/2013

Sarah Blackman is a multi-genre author originally from the Washington D.C area. She earned her MFA from the University of Alabama in 2007 with a primary concentration in fiction and a secondary concentration in poetry. Currently, she is the director of Creative Writing at the Fine Arts Center, an arts dedicated public high school in Greenville, South Carolina. Her poetry and prose has been published in a number of journals and magazines, including The Gettysburg Review, Alaska Quarterly Review,  American Poetry ReviewConjunctions, Oxford American Magazine and The Missouri Review among others. She has been anthologized in the Poets Against the War Anthology, Best New American Voices, 2006  Metawritings; Toward a Theory of Nonfiction, and xoOrpheus: Fifty New Myths. Blackman is the co-fiction editor of DIAGRAM, and the founding editor of Crashtest, an online magazine for high school age writers which she edits alongside her students at the Fine Arts Center. Her story collection Mother Box was published by FC2 in 2013.



  • Mother Box , FC2 (October 14, 2013)


  • Director of Creative Writing at Fine Arts Center (August 2008 - )


  • Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from University of Alabama (June 2007)

Genres of Interest

Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Children's literature , Poetry