Ms Diana Elise Araujo

Massachusetts, United States

Diana is a late blooming author, who started the creative process full time after age 40. She is a MFA candidate in creative writing at a prominent local university. She enjoys penning short personal essays and commentaries on life, along with creating swanky fictional female characters, when her present studies are not taking front and center.

She works full time in the real estate/finance world and counts down the hours until she can be in front of her laptop again. She is the mother of two children, one grown but not gone (college), the other young and ready to take charge (age 6) in her culturally blended household of four. Her husband is a day-trading business consultant who supports almost everything she does, as long as he can happily retreat into his ESPN man-cave on Sundays. He is a registered Republican and she a dedicated Democrat, so someone is always happy every 4 years. She loves to watch documentaries and watch Real Time with B.M.

She was born in Santa Ana, California in the late 60's. The oldest of four children, she knew early on that she would move to distant shores and leave the Golden State, looking for that proverbial silver lining. She relocated to New England in the mid-90's, with her small son and big dreams. While cold winters and confusing rotaries made it difficult to find her way, it was a sense of history and Yankee spirit that convinced her to stay. Or maybe it was clam chowder?

Diana did not attend university full time until age 39. She spent the first 20 years of her life climbing the corporate ladder, after becoming an accidental young mother just out of high school. But, it was only after the financial services meltdown, in 2008, when she was given a second chance go back and reinvent herself. She graduated from Boston College, magna cum laude, in May 2011. 

Diana currently lives in Winchester, Massachusetts. She has learned to compartmentalize her life into four nice (but not always so neat) buckets: family, school, work and community. She volunteers for Big Sisters of Greater Boston, is an elected delegate for WTDC and helps out as room-parent in her daughter's 1st grade class. She likes to stay busy, thinks she knows why and writes about the space in between.



  • Bachelor of Arts in English from Boston College (May 2011)
  • Master of Science in Administrative Studies from Boston College (May 2012)

Genres of Interest

Fiction, Creative nonfiction