Martha Nichols

Massachusetts, United States

Member Since: 11/26/2012

Martha Nichols is editor in chief of Talking Writing, a digital literary magazine and nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She is also a contributing editor at the Women’s Review of Books (WRB) and a faculty instructor in the journalism program at the Harvard University Extension School, where she teaches magazine writing and first-person journalism. A former associate editor at the Harvard Business Review and WRB, Martha has published widely in publications such as Utne Reader, Adoptive Families, Brain, Child, Salon, WRB, HBR, and the Christian Science Monitor.

Martha is also a fiction writer, a poet, and an adoptive mom. She lives in Cambridge with her husband and son. They have lived in Singapore and traveled to Vietnam, her son's birth country, several times. She blogs at Athena’s Head and can be found on Twitter @Athenas_Head.


Twitter Username: @talkingwriting


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  • "The Death of the Library Book" , Salon (March 16, 2010)
  • "Guild Trip into the Woods" , Brain, Child Magazine (March 2010)


  • Editor in Chief at Talking Writing (September 2010 - )
  • Contributing Editor at Women's Review of Books (January 1996 - )
  • Faculty Instructor at Harvard University Extension School (January 2008 - )


  • Master of Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University (December 1985)

Genres of Interest

Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Poetry