Jennifer Atkinson

Virginia, United States

Jennifer Atkinson is the author of four books of poetry: The Dogwood Tree, The Drowned City, Drift Ice, and Canticle of the Night Path.  She teaches in the MFA and BFA Programs at George Mason University in Virginia. 


  • The Dogwood Tree , U of Alabama Press (1990)
  • The Drowned City , Northeastern U Press (2000)
  • Drift Ice , Etruscan P (2008)
  • Canticle of the Night Path , Parlor Press/Free Verse Editions (2012)


  • Associate Prof. at George Mason University (1996 - 2014)


  • Bachelor of Arts in ENGLISH from wesleyan univ (May 1979)
  • Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from University of Iowa (May 1985)
  • Master of Arts in Creative Nonfiction from University of Iowa (May 1986)

Genres of Interest