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California, United States

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Some people think I’m from Canada or the midwest, maybe because I sunburn with the best of ’em, but I’m a SoCal native– and wildly proud of my story-rich, bone-dry stomping grounds. I’ve spent the bulk of my career here writing, producing, reporting, editing, and sound-scaping for public radio and podcasts. For most of the last decade, I produced the irreverent national culture and food (and cocktails!) show “The Dinner Party Download,” which meant booking top-flight talent (fave guests: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Cameron Esposito, Steve Martin), writing zippy scripts, editing into the wee hours, and trying not to mispronounce all manner of fusion dishes. Before that, I cut my storytelling teeth with the much-loved show “Off-Ramp” on L.A.’s NPR affiliate KPCC. My features took me high and low: I panned for gold in the San Gabriel Mountains with modern-day prospectors; recorded person-on-the-street stories in WeHo on Election Night 2008, when both Barack Obama and the anti-marriage-equality Proposition 8 prevailed; and danced tango in the Valley at a multigenerational midnight milonga. True story: my voice gave out before their feet did.

(And yes, I love alliteration.)

I also write audio fiction, poetry, and (recently) spec scripts for a kids’ animated TV show that a farsighted studio with “the means” should absolutely produce right now, for the happiness of children everywhere and the general betterment of humanity. 

A while back, I studied English at Duke University and double-minored in History and North Carolina-style BBQ. When I’m not writing or working with sound or spraining my ankles playing basketball, I enjoy teaching kids, butchering other languages, and bemoaning the Dodgers’ annual collapse.

Ping me, if you like, at jackson dot inquiries at gmail dot com.


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Fiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Children's literature , Poetry