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Date Featured Member
May 2015 Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter

“When I’m writing, I feel like I’m on top of the world, and when I’ve exhausted that feeling, I know I’m done for the day.”

April 2015 Susan Briante

Susan Briante

“Books are always a source of inspiration for me. But my students reminded me the poem can accept all kinds of data and images.”

March 2015 Minal Hajratwala

Minal Hajratwala

“Read more than you watch TV or movies or cat videos.'”

February 2015 Terry Kennedy

Terry Kennedy

“This sort of unplanned fellowship is what AWP is all about for me.'”

January 2015 Lisa C. Taylor

Lisa C. Taylor

“I love to finish a book and think to myself, 'I never could have written that.'”

December 2014 Luisa A. Igloria

Luisa A. Igloria

“I don't believe in writer's block.”

November 2014 Shauna Hambrick Jones

Shauna Hambrick Jones

“I try not to be too hard on myself because ideas sometimes need time to grow and mingle with other ideas.”

October 2014 Michael Khandelwal

Michael Khandelwal

“Because we constantly share ideas, none of us has to continually reinvent the wheel.”

September 2014 JP Howard

JP Howard

“We nurture each other both literally and figuratively.”

August 2014 Travis Kurowski

Travis Kurowski

“When read aloud in class, that rebellion almost always produces some of the most exciting art of the semester.”

March 2013 Jennifer Acker

Jennifer Acker

“I try not write in hardcovers, but paperbacks don’t stand a chance of escaping pen and pencil marks.”

March 2013 Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano

Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano

“I am an ambulant writer. Wherever my laptop goes, I go.”

November 2012 Sholeh Wolpé

Sholeh Wolpé

“Some people say one must respect books and not write in them. I guess in that regard I am shamelessly irreverent.”

November 2012 Michael Dumanis

Michael Dumanis

“Whenever you put a word on a page, remember that you are making a choice, and you should take responsibility for that choice.”

August 2012 Kirstin Chen

Kirstin Chen

“Sometimes I even wear earplugs in the silence.”

August 2012 Sarah Gorham

Sarah Gorham

“Wisdom, innovation, beautiful language, sadness. Kind of what W.G. Sebold has to offer.”

August 2012 Kelle Groom

Kelle Groom

“Day is ideal for revision; night for creation.”

August 2012 C.J. Hribal

C.J. Hribal

“I’ve always felt a tremendous debt to the people who took the time for me when I was a young doofus in college and who taught me what it meant to do your best work.”

August 2012 Gerald Richards

Gerald Richards

“I’ve never read War and Peace. Whenever people talk about it, I always try to change the subject to movie reviews.”

August 2012 Alex Shakar

Alex Shakar

“The real change has been audiobooks. Takes me back to the childhood pleasure of being read to.”

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