2022 Offsite Event Schedule

The listing and offsite event submission form will be available in the fall.

Offsite events are a popular and culturally vibrant addition to the Conference & Bookfair. Each year, AWP posts around 100 offsite events taking place during the dates of our conference in the host city. AWP attendees and others in the host city plan these events independently; offsite events are not curated or produced by AWP. We post these events as a courtesy to AWP attendees and to the local literary field.

Venue Selection

One of the most important aspects of an offsite event is the venue selection. You can find a venue in the host city by searching for restaurants, bars, bookstores, libraries, or universities in the area, and reach out to them to plan your event.

Once you have a venue in mind, make sure it is accessible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not all venue operators will know whether their location is fully accessible, so it’s important to ask them specific questions.

Please confirm the following with your venue contact before booking:

  • Main entrances and bathroom entrances are wheelchair accessible.
  • Bathrooms have an accessible stall. If the bathroom is a single room, there are handrails.
  • No door is heavier than a five-pound pull.
  • The venue will provide standard-height chairs during the event.
  • The venue can provide microphones and appropriate speakers/audio amplification. 
  • If the event takes place on an upper floor, the venue has an elevator.
  • There are no barriers to accessibility from the entrance of the venue to the specific location of your event. Ask specifically about hallway width, small flights of stairs, or a steep incline. 
  • The venue does not use strobe lights.
  • The venue welcomes service animals.

Event Type

Most events are readings, panel discussions, or receptions—however, your event is not restricted to one of those formats.

Once you have determined the event venue is accessible, please make sure the event itself is accessible. Use microphones, reserve seating for those with mobility, visual, or hearing impairment, and provide copies of readings and remarks in black 14- to 16-point font on white paper.

Please note: After the offsite events are posted, any event planned in a venue that is found not to be accessible will be removed from the AWP website.

If you have any questions regarding offsite events, please email events@awpwriter.org.


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March 3–6, 2021
Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City Convention Center