R250. Sonic Lit: Reaching New Communities by Lifting Writing off the Page

Aspen Room, Sheraton Seattle, 2nd Floor
Thursday, February 27, 2014
4:30 pm to 5:45 pm


Digital technology brings us back to the oral/aural roots of poem and story, while expanding our options for leaping off the page. A poet, nonfiction writer, musician, and two multimedia/ installation artists will describe how they have created audio recordings of poetry and prose; turned stories into songs; installed poetry as part of public art projects; incorporated oral history and storytelling into gallery installations; and created literary work for the stage, mobile app, and webpage.



Wendy Call wrote No Word for Welcome (Grub Street National Book Prize / Nonfiction), and co-edited Telling True Stories. Her current projects include audio translations of multilingual poetry and digital text/audio essays.

Geoff Larson is a musician and Project Director/Curator of The Bushwick Book Club Seattle, a monthly book club that creates original music inspired by poetry and short fiction. He collaborates with local Seattle writers through Seattle’s Jack Straw Writers Program and Richard Hugo House.

Nari Baker is a Seattle-based installation artist whose recent work explores transnational migration and adoption, incorporating oral history, audio narrative, and community-based history. She is a recent Fulbright Fellow and resident artist in the Jack Straw New Media Gallery program.

Judith Roche is the author of three poetry collections and is published in numerous journals. The most recent won an American book Award. She has poems installed in several Seattle area permanent public art pieces and has collaborated with visual artists and musicians.

Tina Hoggatt is a writer and studio artist who incorporates audio narrative, storytelling, and music into her visual art installations. Her installation “Story Chairs” was created through a Jack Straw Artist Residency. She manages digital communications for 4Culture, King County’s cultural agency.


March 4–7, 2020
San Antonio, TX

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