S227. Women Publishing Women: The (Under)representation of Women in Print and in Publishing

Room 511, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level
Saturday, April 2, 2016
1:30 pm to 2:45 pm


Join us for a candid discussion among women working in publishing about the current climate for and visibility of women writers in publishing house lists. Looking at the in-house representation of women on staff, women writers published by traditional houses, and where the challenges to women in publishing (and being published) still lie, panelists speak to current trends, awareness, and projects highlighting women, and offer strategies to others working for equal representation.



Abbey Gaterud is a professor of publishing at Portland State University, and the publisher of Ooligan Press, the trade publishing house located within the master's in publishing at PSU. She is also freelance designer and editor.

Michelle Wildgen is executive editor at Tin House, author of the novels You're Not You, But Not For Long, and Bread and Butter, and editor of the anthology Food & Booze. In 2012, she cofounded the Madison Writers' Studio with novelist Susanna Daniel.

Mary Breaden is a native Oregonian writer living in Brooklyn. She received her MA in book publishing in 2013. Out of frustration with the media's representation of feminism, she founded the website PDXX Collective. Her writing has been in Education Week, Portland State Vanguard, and The Mondegreen.

Kait Heacock is a book publicist by day and writer all the rest of the time. She grew up in the same city as her literary idol, Raymond Carver. She hopes this means something. Her debut collection of short stories, Siblings, will be published in the fall of 2016.

Alicia Bublitz is currently director of CALYX Press in Corvallis, Oregon. She is an activist, cultural critic, women's studies scholar, and lifelong Girl Scout. She is dedicated to ensuring marginalized voices have a space in feminist publishing and that women's creative work is recognized.


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