S258. Wild Equations: A Math Poetry Reading

Room 505, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level
Saturday, April 2, 2016
3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


For poets, language is the structure on which everything depends, including the red wheelbarrow. But mathematics is a language, too—a universal one with the potential to link the logic of numbers with literary form. Poets like Wislawa Szymborska and Rita Dove, for instance, make use of pi, statistics, and geometry in their work. In this unusual reading and conversation, Talking Writing magazine presents five math poets with different approaches but a shared belief in a fresh take on the world.


Carol Dorf is Talking Writing's poetry editor. Her poems appear in Antiphon, The Mom Egg, Spillway, Sin Fronteras, Maintenant, JHMA, Scientific American, and anthologies including Best of Indie Lit New England. She has read poetry at the Joint Mathematics Meeting, as well as more usual venues.

Amy Uyematsu is a poet and teacher from Los Angeles. She has four published collections: The Yellow Door; Stone Bow Prayer; Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain; and 30 Miles from J-Town (which received the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize). Amy taught math in LA public high schools for thirty-two years.

Stephanie Strickland has published eight books of print poetry, most recently Dragon Logic and V : WaveTercets / Losing L’una. She has collaborated on ten electronic poems, most recently the Vniverse app for iPad and House of Trust, both created with Ian Hatcher.

Alice Major's tenth poetry collection, Standard Candles, follows her book of essays, Intersecting Sets: A Poet Looks at Science. Former poet laureate for her home city of Edmonton and multiple award winner, she turns to math and science, as Shelley did, to replenish her store of metaphor.

Katie Manning is the author of three poetry collections, including The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman. She is an assistant professor of writing at Point Loma Nazarene University and editor in chief of Whale Road Review.


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