F176. A Finished Conversation?: Gendered Cultures of Creative Writing

Room 403 B, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level
Friday, April 1, 2016
12:00 pm to 1:15 pm


Women writers from three generations explore whether gender continues to shape women's experiences of creative writing today, from studying or teaching in a creative writing program to administering one to publishing work. In relation to race, class, and sexuality, how has the position of women writers changed over time, and where are we now with regard to our access to publishing and positions of power in our communities and academic institutions? What interventions might we make to gain ground?



Jennifer Kwon Dobbs is associate professor of creative writing and program director of race and ethnic studies at St. Olaf College. Recipient of a White Pine Press Poetry Prize and a Minnesota State Arts Board grant, she is the author of Paper Pavilion and Notes from a Missing Person.

Aimee Parkison is the author of three books: Woman with Dark Horses, The Innocent Party, and The Petals of Your Eyes. Assistant professor of creative writing at Oklahoma State University, she has won an Isherwood Fellowship, a Kurt Vonnegut Prize, and a Hearst Creative Artist Fellowship from the American Antiquarian Society.

Monique Zamir University has her poetry published in Lunch Ticket’s Amuse-Bouche, Gravel magazine, Josephine Quarterly, the Light Ekphrastic, and Mojo. She is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University's MFA program and was an honorable mention for the Academy of American Poets Scholarship.

Lisa Lewis's books of poetry include The Unbeliever, Silent Treatment, Vivisect, Burned House with Swimming Pool, and The Body Double, forthcoming. She directs the creative writing program at Oklahoma State University and serves as poetry editor of the Cimarron Review.

Camille Rankine is the author of the poetry collection Incorrect Merciful Impulses, and the chapbook Slow Dance with Trip Wire, winner of the Poetry Society of America New York Chapbook Award. She is membership director of VIDA and assistant director of the MFA program at Manhattanville College.


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