F146. Return to the Future: Reinventing the Book

Room 604, Washington State Convention Center, Level 6
Friday, February 28, 2014
10:30 am to 11:45 am


In the chaos of new e-book tablet and e-reader technology, unprecedented opportunities exist for literary publishers and their authors looking for innovative ways to publish and distribute their books. New forms like transmedia storytelling and multi-platform publishing push the limits of what a book can be and how it is sold. A panel of indie publishers and authors describe why they chose to publish this way, how they got started, their challenges and successes, and their works-in-progress.



Mary-Sherman Willis is a writer and poet, author of Caveboy, a limited-edition poetry artbook and iBook for iPad, and Graffiti Calculus, a book-length poem. She teaches creative writing at George Washington University.

Katherine McNamara is the author of Narrow Road to the Deep North, A Journey into the Interior of Alaska (2001), and editor and publisher of Artist's Proof Editions, Archipelago Publishers, Inc., and founding editor of Archipelago. www.archipelago.org

Susan Taylor Chehak is the driving force behind Foreverland Press as well as the creator of Foreverland, a multi-touch ebook that is part of a larger transmedia storytelling project called In Hollow Hill. She is the author of five novels, and her stories have been published widely in journals.

Katherine E. Young is the author of Day of the Border Guards and two chapbooks of poetry. Her translation of Russian poet Inna Kabysh won a share of the 2011 Brodsky-Spender Prize. A dual-language iPad edition of Kabysh’s poetry that includes text, audio, and video is forthcoming.

Brenna Humphreys is a writer and multiplatform storyteller. As head of Creative and Transmedia for Coffee on the Porch Productions, she writes and produces “stories too big for one screen.” A longtime mentor for AFI’s Digital Content Lab, she is a WGA member.


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