Publishing Choices for Inclusive YA/MG Fiction

Room 437, Summit Building, Seattle Convention Center, Level 4
Saturday, March 11, 2023
10:35 am to 11:50 am


Five authors of books for the YA/MG audience who seek inclusivity in their work discuss their various paths towards publication: self-publishing, small, and larger presses. They’ll contrast pros and cons of different choices, what worked for them and what they’d do differently. They will address unique issues writers face when presenting nuanced portrayals of neurodiverse, LGBT, POC, or other characters from marginalized communities and the ethics and dynamics of a writer's serving as an ally.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

Event Outline: Event_Title_Publishing_Choices_for_Inclusive_YA_MG_Fiction-3.pdf



Craig Leener, YA novelist, has written and self-published the Zeke Archer Basketball Trilogy and the spinoff, There’s No Basketball on Mars.

Desirée Calderón de Fawaz is the winner of the Middle East Book Award for her children’s book Tata’s Earrings. She’s also the author of Quetzalli’s Last Song, a novel based on experiences from her unconventional Mexican childhood, and her best weapon against the misrepresentation of her cultures.

Jay Hartlove is the award-winning author of an urban fantasy trilogy (Goddess Chosen, Goddess Daughter, Goddess Rising), the fantasy romance Mermaid Steel, and the LGBTQ science fiction thriller The Insane God. He is also the playwright, director, and producer of The Mirror’s Revenge.

Liv is a recent graduate from La Jolla Elementary School. When not hanging out with friends, Liv enjoys learning Chinese, playing field hockey, coding, mastering poker, and making art. She is a cancer survivor who gives back to kids currently fighting the disease as an Ambassador to Rady's Hospital.

Jiordan Castle is the author of All His Breakable Things, a poetry chapbook, and Disappearing Act, a true coming-of-age story. Her work has appeared in HuffPost, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. She is a contributor to the food and culture magazine Compound Butter.


March 8–11, 2023
Seattle, Washington

Seattle Convention Center