Flash Fiction: Forward to the Future!

113C, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 100 Level
Thursday, March 24, 2022
12:10 pm to 1:25 pm


Not even twenty years ago, flash fiction—also known as snap fiction, sudden fiction, short shorts, etc.—was considered a new and experimental form. With flash fiction journals, workshops, anthologies, and courses abounding, flash has taken its place among better-known genres and forms. Does this mean flash has lost its edge? What does the future hold for the form? Five flash writers will discuss flash's past and its status in today's literary landscape and share their thoughts on where the genre is headed.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

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MIchael Czyzniejewski is the author of three collections of stories: I Will Love You for the Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories, Chicago Stories, and Elephants in Our Bedroom. He teaches at Missouri State University, where he edits for Moon City Press and Moon City Review.

Elizabeth Crowder is acquisitions editor for X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine and associate editor for Uncharted Magazine. Her writing appears in SmokeLong Quarterly, Pithead Chapel, and elsewhere.

Tommy Dean has written two flash fiction chapbooks, Special like the People on TV  and Covenants . His flash story collection, Hollows, is debuting in February 2022. He is the editor at Fractured Lit and Uncharted Magazine.

Kim Magowan lives in San Francisco and teaches at the Department of Literatures and Languages at Mills College. She is the author of two story collections, How Far I've Come (2022) and Undoing (2018), and the novel The Light Source (2019). She is the editor in chief and fiction editor of Pithead Chapel.

Hananah Zaheer is the author of Lovebirds. She serves as fiction editor for Los Angeles Review, a senior editor for South Asian Avant Garde: a dissident literary anthology, and she is the founder of Dubai Literary Salon.


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