Door in the Mountain: A Tribute to Jean Valentine, Sponsored by Alice James Books

Terrace Ballroom I & II, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 400 Level
Thursday, March 24, 2022
3:20 pm to 4:35 pm


AJB presents a tribute, celebrating Jean Valentine, author of thirteen books of poetry and recipient of numerous awards and fellowships in recognition of her exceptional accomplishments in literature, including the Bollingen Prize for Poetry in 2017. Moderated by Anne Marie Macari, the tribute gathers a distinguished panel as they celebrate Jean Valentine's extraordinary life and contributions to literature.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

Event Outline: AWP_2022_Event_Outline_JV_Tribute.docx
Supplemental Document 1: Jean_Valentine_Photo_Show.pdf



Anne Marie Macari

Joan Larkin

Mark Doty

Brenda Hillman

Mihaela Moscaluic


March 8–11, 2023
Seattle, Washington

Washington State Convention Center