R247. CANCELLED: Narrative Healing: Yoga & Writing Workshop with Lisa Weinert

Room 004A, Henry B. González Convention Center, River Level
Thursday, March 5, 2020
3:20 pm to 4:35 pm


Open to all! This full-body, full-spirit storytelling experience will use yoga, writing, and listening exercises to inspire a holistic and freeing storytelling experience. This 75-minute afternoon workshop will include a gentle yoga practice, writing prompts, and listening exercises. These classes will build off each other; come for the entire series or drop in for a single class. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pen and paper. www.lisaweinert.com @lisaweinert www.narrativehealing.com Directions from the Main Lobby: Go past the administration building, turn right into the hallway and proceed past the restrooms and Grab & Go area towards the West Lobby, take a right and go inside the Lila Cockrell Theatre, take the elevator to the River Level, and arrive at Room 004. Directions from the Meeting Level: Take any elevator to the River Level area, proceed past rooms 007–006 and exit the building, keep going towards the Lila Cockrell Theatre and enter the theater on your right, walk straight until you arrive at Room 004.



Lisa Weinert is passionate about the potential of storytelling to heal and transform lives. She is the founder of Narrative Healing, a program that combines meditation, yoga, and writing to help writers (re)connect to their bodies and feel empowered to launch their work into the world.


March 4–7, 2020
San Antonio, TX

Henry B. González Convention Center