R201. Writing For Your Ears: The Art of Creating Fictional Podcasts and Audio Dramas

Room 217B, Henry B. González Convention Center, Meeting Room Level
Thursday, March 5, 2020
12:10 pm to 1:25 pm


Audio fiction is both white-hot (many of today's 500,000+ podcasts are fictional gems) and steeped in tradition ("The War of the Worlds" just turned 80!). Using text and audio examples, we'll share intel about working in this skyrocketing medium: how does one write stories that demand to be heard? How is scripting a serialized podcast distinct from writing a 1930s radio play...or a Netflix show? How can sound and music support or nuance text? How do these projects get pitched, bought, and produced?

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Jackson Musker writes and produces all things audio: fiction and non-. For nearly a decade, he produced public radio's national culture show The Dinner Party Download. His words, sounds, and stories have also graced NPR's Weekend Edition, The California Report, and LA's public affairs show Off-Ramp.

Chris Littler is a writer, composer, and director best known for cowriting and codirecting the podcast musical 36 Questions with his writing partner, Ellen Winter. He was a senior writer for the Limetown podcast and wrote an episode of the upcoming Limetown adaptation for Facebook Watch.

Morgan Givens is a storyteller and writer who's been featured on NPRs Invisibilia, Story District's Top Shelf and the Moth Mainstage. He's also the creator of the critically acclaimed and award-winning podcast Flyest Fables and is a graduate of the Transom Storytelling Workshop. MorganGivens.com

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Coni Kitts


March 4–7, 2020
San Antonio, TX

Henry B. González Convention Center