R232. CANCELLED: Writing on the Spectrum: Teaching in Neurologically Diverse Classrooms

Status: Not Accepted

Room 214C, Henry B. González Convention Center, Meeting Room Level
Thursday, March 5, 2020
1:45 pm to 3:00 pm


This neurologically diverse group of panelists will share pedagogical strategies that serve students on the autism spectrum, shaped by their own experiences as students and professionals. The panel will suggest techniques and resources creative writing instructors can use to create syllabi, exercises, and a classroom environment that is more supportive of neurologically diverse students, while also bearing in mind that some students are navigating multiple diagnoses and identities.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

Event Outline: AWP_Panel_Outline.pdf


Moderator: Dave Griffith is the author of A Good War is Hard to Find: The Art of Violence in America (Soft Skull Press). He is an Advising Professor at the University of Notre Dame and is the founder of Write Differently: A Community for Young Writers on the Autism Spectrum.

Joe Biel is a self-made autistic publisher who draws origins, inspiration, and methods from punk rock. He is the founder/manager of Microcosm Publishing, where he has sold 2.5 million paperbacks over the past twenty-two years. He is the author of eight books, including A People's Guide to Publishing.

Daniel Bowman Jr. is the author of A Plum Tree in Leatherstocking Country and The Autism Journals: A Novel. His work has appeared in dozens of journals in the US and abroad. He is associate professor of English at Taylor University.


March 4–7, 2020
San Antonio, TX

Henry B. González Convention Center