R158. Tone, Voice, and Mood: Not Just for Angsty Teens

Room 210B, Henry B. González Convention Center, Meeting Room Level
Thursday, March 5, 2020
10:35 am to 11:50 am


So often, agents, editors, and well-meaning critique partners or beta readers provide vague feedback along the lines of “the voice on this piece doesn’t feel genuine” or “this doesn’t strike the right tone,” without any specifics to back up their statements, as if knowledge of tone, mood, and voice is built into a writer’s DNA. In this craft-based session, the panelists define these ambiguous concepts using concrete examples, allowing writers to revise their work in a deeper way.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

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Kyle V. Hiller is an independent author and the co-founder of Angelella Editorial (AE). He freelances as a writing coach and authenticity reader, and serves primarily as AE's project manager.

Suma Subramaniam is the contributing author of The Hero Next Door anthology. She contributes to fromthemixedupfiles.com. She is also the mentorship coordinator of SCBWI WWA and internship grants team member at WNDB. She has an MFA from VCFA and a certificate in popular fiction from UW.

Diane Telgen holds an MFA in writing for children and young adults from VCFA and served as managing editor for Foreshadow: A Serial Anthology. Now an editor with Angelella Editorial, she previously worked as a writer/editor of reference book series, including Authors and Artists for Young Adults.

Jay Whistler holds an MFA in writing and an MA in tech writing. She worked as a university writing instructor for over sixteen years, and she is currently a submissions editor for Hunger Mountain, an acquisitions reader for a literary agency, and a freelance editor with Angelella Editorial.

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