F147. CANCELLED: Creative Writing in Spanish in the United States: A Movement in the Making

Room 006D, Henry B. González Convention Center, River Level
Friday, March 6, 2020
10:35 am to 11:50 am


Meet some of the writers, editors, publishers, professors, and researchers behind the movement partly responsible for bringing the Spanish language back into the fiber of American literature. Explore the phenomena borne out of the need of immigrants from Latin America and Spain to write in their native language while immersing themselves in their writing communities and universities all over the country. Why do they write in Spanish? How has the political environment informed their work/mission?

Outline & Supplemental Documents

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Keila Vall is fiction and nonfiction author/editor. Here work includes Los días animales (Best Novel-ILBA), Ana no duerme (Best Fiction-MAELCA Award) Ana no duerme y otros cuentos, Viaje legado. She has degrees in anthropology (BA-USB), creative writing (MFA-NYU), political science (MA-USB), and Hispanic cultural studies (MA- Columbia University).

Cristina Rivera Garza is an award-winning author of novels, collections of short stories, and poetry books, and a distinguished professor of Hispanic studies and creative writing at the University of Houston. She has theorized the link between writing and community in our violent times.

Naida Saavedra is a writer, scholar, and professor. Her works of fiction portrait people immersed in chaotic cities. Her research focuses on issues of identity, migration, and social media in contemporary Latina/o/x Literature. She is documenting the #NewLatinoBoom, US literary movement in Spanish.

Pedro Medina León is an award-winning author, speaker, member of the Florida Hummanities Council, and editor. He is the author of the acclaimed novels Varsovia, Mañana no te veré en Miami, Marginal, and Tour: una vuelta por la cultura popular de Miami, and editor of the anthologies Viaje One Way and Miami (Un)Plugged.

María Mínguez Arias is author of the award-winning novel Patricia sigue aquí, translator, and journalist, and operations director at Aunt Lute Books. María's identity as immigrant, queer woman, mother, and author writing in Spanish in the US. informs her works on digital memory, familial/historical legacy, motherhood, and language.


March 4–7, 2020
San Antonio, TX

Henry B. González Convention Center