S169. Neither From Here or There: The Bilingual Writer's Search for Belonging and Place

F151, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1
Saturday, March 30, 2019
10:30 am to 11:45 am


Who decides what writers can/should write about? For some writers of color this idea of home and family can seem distant. Writers search for answers, voice, belonging, and home. For bilingual/bicultural writers, this search for belonging can seem abstract. Here they share how they navigate two worlds, the one we are born into and the one left behind. This panel aims to discuss Gloria Anzaldúa’s idea of Nepantla, the space between two worlds, the gap that bilingual and bicultural writers call home.


Alicia Anabel Santos is an Afrolatina lesbian writer, producer, activist, and priestess. Founder of the NYC Latina Writers Group, providing workshops for writers of color, Santos has published the memoir Finding Your Force: A Journey to Love, and can be found teaching writing to senior citizens in New York.

Yoseli Castillo Fuertes is a bilingual Afrolatina lesbian poet activist and educator. Her writing as well as her activism spans from immigrants, educational, women’s and LGBT rights. Her poems and short stories have appeared in various anthologies in New York, Madrid, Argentina, and Santo Domingo.

Wendy Angulo is a New York City born Latina, raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Wendy is a writer, lawyer, and the founder of Wendy Angulo Productions, an organization whose goal is to support, encourage, and promote poetry and visual arts in the borough of Queens.

J.F. Seary is a Nuyorican poet and actor who has performed her solo works and in various ensembles around the country and internationally. J.F. Seary is currently a writer/director on The New York Effect webseries and performing in HerStory. She continues to live and work in NYC. www.jfseary.webs.com

Angela "Angy" Abreu is a Dominican American activist, organizer, poet, and author. Angela is also the founder of Dominican Writers, an online magazine created to highlight content that promotes the works of Dominican writers in the diaspora, but also provides them with tools and resources necessary for their development.


March 27–30, 2019
Portland, OR

Oregon Convention Center