S232. The Intersection of Writing and Performing

E146, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1
Saturday, March 30, 2019
1:30 pm to 2:45 pm


Crossing decades of working on page, stage, screen, radio, and web our panelists are writer/entertainers straddling two worlds. Panelists discuss the art and craft of writing to perform, discovering the performance within the written work, inspiring written work from performance, and various other ways writing and performance inform each other. From elementary school visits to “book burlesque,” our panelists have created careers lifting words off the page.



Danika Dinsmore is a writer, educator, and spokenword artist. She writes poetry and speculative fiction with a focus on middle grade and young adult literature. She teaches creative writing and world-building to students of all ages at schools, conferences, and festivals across North America.

Debby Dodds is the author of the novel Amish Guys Don't Call, a Powell's Best YA of 2017 and has essays in My Little Red Book, The Things That You Would Have Said, The Sun, xoJane, Manifest-Station.com, and Hip Mama. She's performed with Jerry Seinfeld, Felicia Day, Zombies, Cookie Monster, and Mickey Mouse.

Leah Baer is a writer, an actor, and a storyteller who began acting in Hollywood in the 1960s. She now performs her work at ROAR, Booklovers Burlesque, and Unchaste Readers. She is working on her memoir, and studying screenwriting at the Corporeal Writing Center.

Jonathan Oak is a writer, musician, and spoken word artist living in Portland. He studied improv at Torch Theater, hosted a poetry radio show, was a competitor and coach at PSI, and ran writing and performance workshops for fifteen plus years. He is currently leading the dark cabaret band Bright & Shiny.

Jessica Standifird lives in Portland, Oregon. Most recently her work was read by Parker Posey at the Writer’s Guild Initiative Gala in New York City. Standifird has performed at venues across the country and organizes events, most notably the annual The Poe Show, celebrating Poe through film, readings, and music.


March 8–11, 2023
Seattle, Washington

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