R212. How Do I Know When This Thing Is Done?

Ballroom D, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor
Thursday, March 8, 2018
1:30 pm to 2:45 pm


The only thing harder than writing a book is revising that book. Your first draft may have glaring issues that are easy enough to fix, but then what? Perhaps trusted friends will read it, or a writing workshop will offer extensive feedback. But you still face the overwhelming challenge of revising the thing. Where do you start? Whose advice do you keep or ignore? From what angle do you hit this beast? Editors, agents, and authors discuss the messy and imperfect process of revising a manuscript.



Maria Gagliano is a cofounder and business director of Slice, a nonprofit organization that hosts the Slice Literary Writers' Conference and publishes Slice magazine. She is also a freelance writer and editor specializing in nonfiction. She spent eleven years as an editor at Random House and Penguin.

Rakesh Satyal is a senior editor at Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, where he focuses primarily on narrative nonfiction. He is also the author of the Lambda Award-winning novel Blue Boy. His second novel is No One Can Pronounce My Name.

Anjali Singh is a literary agent at Ayesha Pande Literary. She was previously an editor at Vintage Books, HMH, Simon & Schuster, and Other Press. She represents adult and YA literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and graphic novels for all ages.

Michelle Brower is an agent with Aevitas Creative Management, where she specializes in literary fiction, book club fiction, and narrative nonfiction. Her authors include Clare Beams, Sarah Domet, Jason Mott, Tara Conklin, Viet Dinh, and many others.

Annie Hwang is a literary agent at Folio Literary Management. She represents a range of adult fiction and select nonfiction, but gravitates toward literary fiction featuring diverse characters and authentic voices. Above all, she looks for gifted storytelling that stretches its genre to new heights.


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