S155. Subverting the Stereotypes: Performances by Warrior Writers and Combat Hippies

Room 11, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor
Saturday, March 10, 2018
10:30 am to 11:45 am


Military veterans and service members are often used as commercial and political props. This reading will offer performances by two veteran-focused literary organizations challenging veteran stereotypes that not only stifle constructive dialogue about war and its consequences, but also fuel US militarism. These poetic performances will present veterans as the diverse social group they are, while also encouraging other veterans to speak truth to power.


Lovella Calica is a writer and photographer. She is the founding director of Warrior Writers, a creative community for veterans articulating their experiences, and has worked with veterans for ten years. An editor of four anthologies of veterans’ writing, she has self-published two chapbooks of poetry.

Nicole Goodwin is the 2017 EMERGENYC Hemispheric Institute Fellow as well as the 2013–2014 Queer Art Mentorship Queer Art Literary Fellow, and the winner of The Fresh Fruit Festival’s 2013 Award for Performance Poetry. She is also the author of Warcries.

Hipolito Arriaga is a cofounder and community outreach director for the Combat Hippies: a collective of US military veterans who use creative expression as a way to promote post-traumatic growth. The Combat Hippies are winners of the 2016 Knight Arts Challenge.

Allen Minor


March 7–10, 2018
Tampa, FL

Tampa Convention Center & Marriott Tampa Waterside