R165. Teaching Essays of Resistance in Rural America: Disrupting White Spaces Through Mixed-Media Interdisciplinary Forms

Room 23, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor
Thursday, March 8, 2018
10:30 am to 11:45 am


How might writers, artists, and teachers teach emancipatory thought and action via mixed-media interdisciplinary forms? From collage essays about healthcare to b-boying about climate change, five panelists discuss how they use mixed media in their work and teaching to disrupt racially White spaces in rural America. What narratives of resistance do they and students tell via graphic arts, breaking, and collage forms? How do mixed media facilitate political voices in classrooms and communities?


Rossina Zamora Liu is a clinical assistant professor of education at the University of Iowa. She is a faculty fellow in the Provost’s Office of Outreach and Engagement, and director of the College of Education Writing Resource. She has a PhD in literacy studies and an MFA in nonfiction from Iowa.

Jeremy Swanston is a graphic designer whose research interests pertain to the utilization of graphic design in visualizing data in an accessible and meaningful way. He is passionate about the impact social design can have in an academic environment as well as the community.

Bernadette Esposito is an adjunct assistant professor of writing at Maine College of Art. Her work has appeared in Best American Essays, Conjunctions, The Iowa Review, The Normal School, and others. She has taught writing for fifteen years, and she holds an MFA in nonfiction from the University of Iowa.

Charles Truong is a research fellow at the International Writing Program, interacting with renowned writers to create lectures while facilitating online courses for students around the world. As a writer, dancer, and activist, he has won numerous awards for his contribution to the greater community.

Kelli Rushek was a high school English/writing teacher on the south side of Chicago for ten years before moving to Australia to pursue a master's in education from the University of Queensland. She is now a doctoral student in the language, literacy, and culture program at the University of Iowa.


March 7–10, 2018
Tampa, FL

Tampa Convention Center & Marriott Tampa Waterside