S269. Living the Writing Life: How to Be a Full-Time Writer

Florida Salon 5, Marriott Waterside, Second Floor
Saturday, March 10, 2018
4:30 pm to 5:45 pm


This is an artistic and professional stewardship panel. Many would-be writers enter a writing program with dreams of living the writing life, only to learn full-time novelists exist only in the movies. But there are so many other options for creative writers who want to "make good words" for a living. This panel will focus on how to live a life of letters through freelance writing, marketing and advertising, owning your own business, or even ghostwriting.


Erik Deckers is a professional copywriter and business owner, and he is the coauthor of Branding Yourself, No Bullshit Social Media, and The Owned Media Doctrine. Aa newspaper humor columnist since 1995, he was the Spring 2016 Kerouac House Writer-In-Residence.

Ryan Brock is the founder and CEO of Metonymy Media, an agency made up exclusively of educated creative writers specializing in content creation, marketing, and education. Brock has edited many publications, and is the coauthor of Nothing New: An Irreverent History of Storytelling and Social Media.

Racquel Henry earned an MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Her writing has appeared in Moko Caribbean Arts & Letters and Reaching Beyond the Saguaros, among others. She owns the writing studio, Writer’s Atelier, in Winter Park, Florida, and is a founding editor at Black Fox Literary Magazine.

Janet Hazel Benge has been writing full-time for thirty-five years, alongside her husband Geoff Benge. She does the research and initial draft work. They have two series of historic biographies for kids 10–15. There are currently 4 million of them in print, and they write about four a year.

Michelle Herman's books include the novels Devotion, Dog, and Missing; the essay collections Like a Song, Stories We Tell Ourselves, and The Middle of Everything; the novella collection A New and Glorious Life; and a book for children, A Girl's Guide to Life. She teaches in Ohio State's MFA program.


March 7–10, 2018
Tampa, FL

Tampa Convention Center & Marriott Tampa Waterside