F233. Reckon and Revise: Feminist Practices for Re-Envisioning the Poetry Workshop

Room 208AB, Washington Convention Center, Level Two
Friday, February 10, 2017
1:30 pm to 2:45 pm


Too often, inherited practices, power dynamics, and other assumptions embedded in the traditional workshop are perpetuated without examination, limiting and even harming the possibilities for poets and poems. Feminist poet-teachers will explore ways to counter the monolithic workshop model's enactments of patriarchal, white, and hetero-normative privilege while redistributing power and shifting modes of engagement in pursuit of more just, dynamic, and transformative conversations and poems.



Lisa Olstein is the author of three poetry collections, most recently, Little Stranger, and a chapbook, The Resemblance of the Enzymes of Grasses to Those of Whales Is a Family Resemblance. A new book, Late Empire, is forthcoming. She teaches in the MFA programs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Sasha Steensen is the author of A Magic Book, The Method, and House of Deer. Her fourth book of poetry, Gatherest, is forthcoming. She teaches creative writing at Colorado State University where she coedits the poetry for Colorado Review.

Hoa Nguyen teaches poetics and creative writing at Ryerson University, for Bard College, at Miami University, and in a private, virtual, and in-person workshop. She is the author of nine books and chapbooks, including Red Juice and Violet Energy Ingots.

Metta Sáma is author of the year we turned dragon and le animal & other creatures. Her work has been published in bluestem, Drunken Boat, fringe, Pyrta, Rattle Reverie, and Sententia among others.

Camille Dungy


March 4–7, 2020
San Antonio, TX

Henry B. González Convention Center